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'TIMETABLE' is an easy-to-use Microsoft Excel template that makes it easy to create stylish and professional looking timetables to help plan your week.
Although created with students in mind, with a 5-day scale, it can help plan almost anybodies working week.
The template allows you to change the scales on the timetable, and create your own key to suit your requirements.
Once your timetable is completed you can either print it out, or save it as a Microsoft Excel file.
The template has an in-built step-by-step tutorial to explain how to use different features, this makes the template even easier to use and understand.

Purchase Registration Code - 4.95

To purchase a registration code to register your copy of 'TIMETABLE' click the PayPal "BUY NOW" button on the left. When payment has been received, a code will be e-mailed to you within 48 hours. This will then expire after 7 days.

Download 15-Day Trial Version

This is a fully working trial version, with a 15 day evaluation period. The download is completely free, thought if you wish to continue using 'TIMETABLE' after the 15-day period, you must register your copy.